30 Before Thirty

The Hubs and I are two years apart.  I am the older one, and therefore the one turning 30 first.  I love lists.  They help me set goals, keep me focused and it is the BEST feeling in the world to cross things off of my list!  So here is a list of things both the Hubs and I want to accomplish before we turn 30.  It started off as my list, but since 30 is creeping up faster than I would like, I turned it into a list for both of us.  It gives us a few extra years to get things done.  Some of these are my goals, some are the Hub's and some apply to both of us.  And I may or may not have put one or two things on here that I knew I could check off.  Don't judge.

1).  Buy a house.  (We closed on 8/15/2012!  Check it out here)
2).  Decorate a house.  (very open ended)
3).  Tackle a few DIY projects (again very open ended)
4).  Create a blogging schedule and list of topics.
5).  Learn more about how to have a successful blog.
6).  Complete Couch to 5k.
7).  Run a 5k.
8).  Learn how to use my Canon Rebel for real.  Not on automatic.
9).  Learn/Get Better at using  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Light Room
10). Go on a Dog Sledding Trip
11).  Take our wedding photos & video and make an awesome overall video with them.
12).  Jump 160 feet (The Hubs, definitely not me)
13).  Get a new PB (personal best) in slalom.
14).  Send Christmas cards to "everyone" (a relative term)  (I did this for Xmas 2011! Here's hoping for I can do it again for Xmas 2012!)
15). Stay on top of sending birthday cards, congrats cards - pretty much any occasion that needs a card.
16).  Go to a Packer/Bears Game.
17).  Photograph a tornado (If the Hub's kills himself accomplishing this, I will kill him)
18).  Have 100 subscribers to this blog.
19).  Take a vacation somewhere (preferably international).  Just the two of us.
20).  Get back in really good shape AND STAY THAT WAY!
21).  Get involved in our community and make some new friends (we know very few people nearby).
22).  Have a Britton's Reynolds Photography booth at an art show.
23).  Learn how to use (and actually use) my amazing Hot Pink Kitchen Aid Mixer.
24).  See/Photograph the Northern Lights (hopefully) (This Finally Happened Summer 2012)
25).  Clean out and clean up our townhouse room by room.  This is definitely going to take awhile.
26).  Host an "adult" dinner using all of our new wedding presents
27).  Paddleboard (Thanks Lundy's!)
28).  Take ballroom dancing classes.
29).  Catch up on all of the photobooks that need to be made from the last couple of years.
30).  Take a cooking class.