Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Update: Aksel Jeffrey

This weekend was all about meeting the newest addition to "our family."  Welcome to the world Aksel Jeffrey!  Your Aunt KTB & Uncle Britt are going to spoil you rotten!

In between baby visits, we started to get ready for summer!  The Pilot lost it's towing virginity.

And the first beers of summer were consumed.  On the first boat ride.

Hope summer is reaching your neck of the woods and that you are enjoying nice weather!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Britt!!!

Today is my wonderful hubby's 28th birthday!!  Every year he gets older, I feel like less of a cradle robber!  (Since I'm 2 years older.)  He is the best husband a girl could ask for.  I am so lucky that he chose me to love.  We've been together a long time and every year I love him more.  I can't imagine life without him and am so blessed to spend another year with him.  

Happy Birthday baby!  I love you!

Weekend Update: A Nice Surprise

We had a really boring this weekend.  It consisted of more yardwork (yuck, multching) and cleaning up around the house.  We did go see Great Gatsby, which was fun.  I'm pretty sure no movie could ever do the book justice, but I did enjoy it.

We have this great movie theatre near us where you can order dinner and drinks while you watch the movie.  It is the second time we have been there and it makes for a really nice night out.  If you have a movie theatre like this near you and haven't been, go try!  It's pretty fun!

The only exciting thing that happened was waking up on Saturday morning to find out that I am an "auntie"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of my best friends & her husband give birth to a beautiful baby boy late Friday night.  We slept through the 3:30am text, and woke up to the surprise on Saturday morning.

The only bummer.  Thursday afternoon we changed our plans because she was NOT going into labor.  So instead of meeting him on Day 1, we are going to meet him on Day 8. And I just can't wait to meet little Aksel Jeffrey!!!

I am already so in love with this face.  Who wouldn't be!

So excited for my new mama friend!  What a great way to spend your first Mother's Day.  Speaking of Mother's Day, Happy belated Mother's Day to all of my Mama readers!  I hope you had a great day!  I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my Mom, but I do get to see her in a few weeks.  Love you Mom!  

I am firm believer in being a furbaby mama, so Happy belated Mother's Day to those of your with four-legged and furry babies!

Did you get any exciting news this weekend?  How was your Mother's Day?

Thursday, May 9, 2013


As most of the rest of the blogging world, I have very very VERY angry at Google for taking away Google Reader.  Do you hear me Google?????  ANGRY!!!  What can I say?  I'm too polite to use the #$%^&*(  $%^&  %^& that is actually going on in my head.

So I am switching my reader to BlogLovin.  I will be adding a button to follow me there shortly, but for the moment, if you haven't check it out, I would give it a whirl!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Backyard and Party Pins

With summer rapidly approaching, I've been busy pinning away different ideas for our backyard.  Projects for the backyard, decoration ideas for the backyard and party ideas for the backyard.  Are you sensing a theme yet? Isn't Pinterest the best?

Source: frontgate.com via Katie on Pinterest

Source: buzzfeed.com via Katie on Pinterest

Do you have any fun summer backyard plans?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Update: Gardening & Yard Work

I've decided this homeownership stuff is for the birds.  Especially when it comes to yard work.  I have never been a huge fan of yard work.  Chalk it up to years of allergies & doing it in the hot Miami sun.  Even though I am enjoying being outside in the warm weather here, our yard was totally trashed by heavy rains we had a few weeks ago.  I shouldn't be complaining though.  We didn't flood and no water came into the house.  We are luckier than most.  (If you follow me on Instagram, (ktbreynolds) you probably saw this photo a few weeks ago.)

The back wall needed to be repaired, everything needed to be re-mulched.  (Most of it still does.)  So we had quite the weekend of working outdoors.  Fortunately the weather cooperated.

I do not have a green thumb.  But our backyard needed some color.  I am giving impatiens and petunias a whirl.  I hear they are pretty hearty flowers.  I'm hoping that means tough to kill.  Here are some of the before and afters.

And of course, what gardening would be complete without some pink/coral gardening tools.

I also spent several hours scooping leaves out of our pool.  For the record, do not forget to put your pool cover on in the fall, then forget to clean it and let it freeze over the winter.  When it thaws, all of the leaves are still there.  I promise.  And it takes a LOOOOOOONG time to get it clean.  On the plus side, it was a killer upper body and core work out.

So there you have it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?