Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Friday: A Maternity Photo Shoot

Every once in awhile, I feel the need to brag about what an amazing hubby I have.  He is amazing for many different reason, but today I would like to brag about his amazing photography skills (which you can further check out at Britton Reynolds Photography).  It doesn't hurt that we have some amazingly photogenic friends as well.  (Ok, I am officially moving on from the word amazing now.)

A few weeks ago, we were up north for one of my best friend's baby shower.  I was co-hosting it with a few other friends (photos to come on this so stay tuned).  While we were up there, we took advantage of the weekend to also do a maternity photo shoot .  For this Photo Friday, I wanted to share these gorgeous photos with all of you!

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!!   

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