Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Hello long-lost readers.  I am a very bad bad bad blogger.  And I am a little sad right now.  I missed hitting 10,000 views of my blog.  I'm now at 10,101.  I need to come up with a special post for last this week because of it, but for now a huge THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who read my little piece of the internet & blogger land.  I really appreciate all of you reading and apologize for my long absence.

For the moment though, I owe my friend Kelly over at Miss. MP a long over due Q&A post that she tagged me in awhile back.

The Rules:
1. Every tagged person must tell 11 things about themselves (optional, I won't hate).
2. Answer the 11 questions that the person who tagged you asked.
3. Ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs that you are going to tag.
4. Mention the blog that tagged you but don't tag back.

So let's be honest,  I'm going to do 1 & 2 but will probably skip 3 & 4.  There are some new readers floating around here, so 1 will probably be helpful to them (ps - thanks for being here!)

11 Things About Me:

1).  I am obsessed with my husband and my puppy.  But really our dog, Buoy, is the one who gets highlighted the most around here.

2).  I am usually a caffeine addict.  But right now I'm doing a 21 Day Ultimate Reset.  I haven't had a cup of coffee in 11 Days, 12 hours and 43 mins, but who is counting?  Seriously though, I feel awesome and can't believe I am making it through the day without caffeine!

3).  I LOVE the color pink.

4).  I also LOVE to waterski. 

5).  I was a competitive waterskier in college.

6). I am obsessed with all things Thirty-One.

7). I am on a mission this year to get myself back in shape & healthy.  So there will likely be more healthy food & work out posts in 2013 than in the past.

8).  I was born and raised in Miami, FL.

9). I really miss it in the winter time.

10).  I've been in the Midwest for over 10 years.  Figuring out layers was key to my success.

11).  I live in a house divided.  The hubby is a Bears fan, I'm a Packers fan.  Guess who always has happier football season??  

The Questions Kelly Asked:

1. If you could only DVR one show, what would it be?
Oh boy.  I love my DVR.  This is tough.  If I had to pick one, I think it would be Covert Affairs.

2. What is your favorite movie and book?
Ok Kelly, these are hard!  So I'm going to list ones that are up there on the list.  I have too many favorites to try and pick just one.   Book: On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves.  I got this recommendation from Kelly and have read it 3 times since I downloaded it to my Kindle.  And now writing this is making me want to read it again.  Movie: Because I Said So I can watch it over and over and over again and never get sick of it.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Italy.  I've been there twice and would LOVE to go back again.  Part of my family is from the Lake Como area, which I've never been to.  So I would love to go there to the town my family is from and check it out.  Maybe find some long lost relatives.

4. Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, or Mr. Darcy? Defend your answer ;-).
Mr. Darcy, no question.  I still haven't read 50 Shades of Grey, although it's been downloaded for awhile.  And I have never read/seen any of the Twilight books/movies so Edward is out for me.  But My. Darcy.  Swoon. “You have bewitched me, body and soul.”   Doesn't that say it all?

5. Rice pudding or tapioca?
Yuck. Neither.

6. Congrats, you just won the lottery, big time. What are the first three things you do?
1). Pay off all of our outstanding debt, which is mostly house, cars & student loans.  2).  Share the love with family.  Gotta give some to them.  3).  Make a few charitable contributions.

7. What's your favorite holiday recipe? Bonus points for sharing.
I'm usually not allowed to do the cooking in our house, but I'm trying to get better.  Here is a recipe I am looking forward to trying!

8. If people knew you outside the blogosphere, whats one thing that might surprise them about you?
I rarely post photos of myself because I am much heavier than I ever thought I would be. I occasionally post old photos when I was skinny, so that might be surprising.  Yes, I'm sneaky that way.

9. What's one of your guilty pleasures?
Lazy time in bed.  In the morning snuggling Buoy or getting in it on a Friday after work and watching movies for the rest of the night.  Hardly ever happens, but when it does I'm in 7th Heaven.

10. If you could have any dream job, what would it be?
I've spent a lot of time and money on my education, so I should say some cool, fun & glamorous marketing job, or Director of Alumni Relations for my alma mater UW-Madison.  But to be perfectly honest, my dream job would be to stay at home.  To have successful Thirty-One and Beach Body businesses and to be at home with my future kids.  I also love spending time with my family and we are spread out all over the country.  I would love to not have to worry about how many vacation days I have in a year, etc. and be able to just spend time with them and have the resources to do so.

11. What are you looking forward to the most in 2013?
Building my Thirty-One and Beach Body businesses and getting healthy and getting back into shape.  Bikini body here I come!!!

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  1. Thanks for doing this. So glad you enjoyed On the Island-- I could not put it down! I didn't know you grew up in FL. The one thing about "because I said so" is the outfits Diane Keaton wears-- whats up with all the big belts? And yeah, Mr. Darcy rules. And I'm all about the stay at home mom dream job as well.