Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend Update: Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We had a great time up north this past weekend!  Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know, we spend A LOT of time up north at our lake house.  This fall, between packing, moving and unpacking we've been neglecting the lake and our friends up there.  So we decided to head up for a quick trip this weekend.

It was a nice quiet weekend.  A little chilly, a little misty and it had a WHOLE LOTTA ugly Christmas sweater action.

With a day that looked like this, wrapping Christmas presents seemed like a good idea.

Then came the party on Saturday night.  Our BFF's at the lake were nice enough to let us tag along.  We made some fabulous new friends in Ugly Christmas Sweaters.   

The jacket is my sister-in-law's (thanks Steph for letting us borrow it!  Oh right you are probably just finding out now we did...whoops!) from middle school.  It has a battery pack and lights up.  No joke.  It came from Nordstrom.

Christmas nightie with reindeer all over it and socks.

Our new fun friends!

Sunday was a quiet day before heading home.  Buoy felt the need to keep an eye on the front door at all times.  Just in case an some sort of animal decided to come on in.

Do you have any ugly sweater Christmas parties coming up?  I would love to see what your are wearing!

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