Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thirty-One Giveaway & Discount!

I usually don't do shameless plugs for my own business on here, but in the spirit of the Christmas season, I thought I would do my first giveaway!  I recently did one for my customers in my Thirty-One Facebook group, so I thought, why shouldn't I do one for my blog readers! (If you want to see monthly specials, contests, etc. feel free to join the group by clicking here.)

What is Thirty-One you might be asking yourself?  It is an affordable line of purses, totes, utility bags and home organization products that are SUPER cute AND (my favorite part) you can have them personalized.  And since we all know, I love all things monogrammed, this company was right up my alley.

Here is what is up for grabs:

A MEDIUM Utility Tote!  It was the November special and was an exclusive product.  Meaning you can't get it right now.  And I'm giving it away in the exclusive snowman print.  Meaning you can't get any other bags in the this print right now.

The Medium Utility Tote has a retail value of $30 and (as you can see above) is quite handy for hauling around your holiday goodies in!

You can enter the contest until Midnight (central time) December 8th. (Saturday night)

If you don't win, or if you just want to place an order because you love Thirty-One and want to get some Christmas shopping for yourself done, I've got a prize for you too!  I'm offering all of my readers 20% OFF!!!  You heard me right!  20%!  You guys are really special and important to me, and I want to make sure you know it!  So this is my way of saying Thank You!!!!!

To place an order, go to Click on My Parties and Click Shop Now on the Really Reynolds Holiday Party.  Then order away.  I can't do a discount code unfortunately, but when the party closes, I will adjust your total and take off 20%.

This offer is good until NOON ON DECEMBER 10TH (central time).  Most things will arrive in time for Christmas, so not to worry.  Good luck!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! And thanks for the being the first one to enter!

  2. Ah LOVE your blog! It's nice to keep up with you! This snowman print is adorable, talk about the perfect bag to take food to holiday parties then pack it with the gifts we receive for baby girl! I wish I was a more interesting writer, then I could have a fun blog like this! - Laura B

    1. Thanks lady! And thanks for stopping by and entering!

  3. This giveaway is awesome! I would use to tote while traveling to my fiance parents house for Christmas from TN to IN. This would keep the presents from going all over the trunk to keeping the food seperate as well, it's perfect!

  4. It would be wonderful to tote gifts to all of our holiday gatherings...and looks super cute too;)

  5. I'd use it to haul Christmas gifts, and other holiday goodies.

  6. I'd use it to organize all of the gifts/baked goods that I transport during this holiday season...

  7. This would be great for carrying gifts to friends, grocery shopping, and for carrying goodies to holiday parties