Friday, December 21, 2012

Photo Friday: Are We There Yet??

Happy Friday!!!!!  (In my head it was said in a Frost the Snowman voice.  Ya know, like in the movie: Happy Birthday!)  This is a great Friday, but it is also going to be one of the longest ones of the year.  Don't you hate how the Friday before vacation draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaags on and on and on and on and on..... Are we there yet??? Is it time to go on vacation yet???

Clearly, I am so beyond ready to be on vacation.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter know that I have been sick all week.  It got really bad Wednesday and Thursday.  Today is only moderately bad.

So now I look like this:

If you have never been around me sick, then you haven't had the pleasure of hearing my loud HOOONK of a nose blowing.  It happens quite frequently and leaves me with a red and raw nose. Which then peels. It is a blast.   And I am really attractive.

Fortunately, our Winter Snow Storm we were suppose to get yesterday only ended up looking like thi:

 I wasn't really in the mood to shovel anyway.  Although for the record, the hubby promised when we bought a house that I wouldn't have to shovel.  We will see how that actually goes whenever we finally get some real snow.

Fortunately, my dad sent me a picture this morning.  Up north got lots of snow!  So it will be a white Christmas and we will have plenty of snow to play in!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Have a great weekend and a very merry christmas!