Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend Update: Badger Homecoming

What a whirlwind of a weekend!!!  It was a blast, but it unfortunately caused me catch a bit of a cold.  After a week of total insomnia last week, my body finally hit a brick wall. 
But before that happened there was lots of fun!

Friday late afternoon, this beauty arrived.  For Free.  I love my Thirty-One job.  Freebie for doing my job = great start to the weekend!!!  

Saturday was Homecoming in Madison.  We've started a great tradition of tailgating and going to the game with my Aunt & Uncle and a bunch of their friends. 
 They always have yummy tailgating treats.
My hubby found my awesome Badger hat in a box at the last minute before we left.  I was so grateful because it a cold day and this hat looks super cute!  Oh right and keeps me warm.  Hey, I have my priorities straight.
The Game.  Everyone played bad football. Wisconsin. Michigan State.  It was just bad. And we lost.  But Camp Randall and the sea of red always makes me happy.  Playing with the fun panorama mode on my iPhone is pretty fun too!
(For play by play action, follow me on Instagram @ktbreynolds)
Sunday involved a lot of sleep.  Which was good because I really needed it.  I know you are DYING to see photos of me sleeping, but that just ain't going to happen.  1). because I'm guessing I look pretty funny sleeping and b). because I may be a great multi-tasker but I'm not that great!
How were your weekends?  Do anything fun? 
 I hope your football teams did better than mine!

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