Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinterest Home Organization

I am so confused by what day it is this week.  Anyone else?  Yesterday I thought it was Tuesday most of the day.  So when I woke up this morning and realized it was Thursday, that was pretty exciting.  Even more exciting is that it is my Friday!  4 day work week, 4 day weekend and then another 4 day work week.  A-ok by me!  Why you might ask?  Well, if you have been hiding under a rock (or are a new reader) we are MOVING ON SATURDAY!  Into our new house!

We still have quite a bit of packing to do so I took tomorrow off of work to tackle the last few projects (aka the kitchen and cleaning our apartment) so that we will be ready to rock when the movers show up bright and early Saturday morning.

Aaaaanyway, I was going to write this post yesterday and link up over at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday.  But I guess here it will be an Oh How Pinteresting Thursday instead.  I know, I'm a total rebel.

I have been a Pinterest machine since we bought the house. Home Organization has always been a struggle for me.  I am making it a mission to get this house organized!  I know it isn't going to happen over night, but here are few of my favorite Pins to get me started.  Stay tuned to maybe actual see some of them happen!

Somewhere in our new house, I will have wrapping storage. 
 I am guessing this will end up in my office.

                         Source: via Katie on Pinterest

How simple and easy is this?

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Spice rack on the top half of the backdoor of the pantry and maybe some extra storage bins before?

                           Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Such a cute idea of my make up brushes!

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I am DYING to get some of these for our fridge.  Cute and so helpful for keeping it clean!
(Christmas?? Hint Hint)

                         Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I'll bet I could make under my sink look like this.  For at least a day or two.....

                               Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Liking what you see? I have tons more fun ideas on my Home Organization Board.

Wish us luck this weekend!  We need it!


  1. I was the opposite of you lol. All week I thought it was a day ahead. So at about 3 pm today when I realized it wasn't Friday, that really sucked haha.

    I love these organizers, I need some myself.

  2. Ah that is the worst!!!!! I hate weeks like that!!