Sunday, October 21, 2012

Photo Friday: We Have Furniture!!!

I am a bad blogger.  I know I promised a Photo Friday post with house updates yesterday, but I ran out of time.  So it's a photo Friday on Saturday.  I am taking a break from unpacking more boxes to show you how our amazing new house is coming along. (PS - If you are watching the Badger game, YAY THEY ARE WINNING!!!)

We officially moved in a week ago.  AND WE LOVE IT!  I don't like leaving because I am so happy and content to just be at home.  If you follow me in real time on Instagram (@ktbreynolds), you've probably seen some of these.  If you don't, you should.  You are missing out. ;-)  This is what the move looked like:

Our garage looks better than it did a week ago, but there are still  A LOT of boxes to go.  It's going to be a few more months weeks (wishful thinking) before we are fully unpacked.  Our new furniture was delivered last Friday, the day before we moved in.  Check it out:

I love our dining room furniture!  I love how it pops off of our grey walls.  Me likey.

Our fabulous living room.  A huge thank you to my sister-in-law Steph for helping us pick out the furniture.  Steph has a magic touch for decorating.  She took it from being too match-matchy to looking designed.

Family Room

After a long day of moving on Saturday, we celebrated Saturday night with a little bit of bubbly.

Buoy has settled into his new house and new chair very nicely.

After 2 days of unpacking, we were able to bring our table into the eat in part of the kitchen and have friends over for dinner.  I was so excited to use our Waterford vase that was a wedding gift!  It's been like Christmas unpacking all of those boxes so thanks again to everyone!  We finally have room to unpack and start using all of our amazing gifts!

And there you have it!  We are slowly but surely settling in and unpacking boxes.  
Have a great weekend!!!

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