Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo Friday: We Are Almost In!!!

In only 2 short days, we will be OFFICIALLY MOVED IN TO OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!  It is crazy because it seems like forever since we closed.  In truth, it's only been about 2 months.  But that is a long time when it your first house and you can't wait to move in and enjoy it!

Some busy worker bees have been at the house this week getting things done.  And the results are outstanding!  For this week's Photo Friday, here are a few before and afters and some other things that have happened over at the house.  Wish us luck as we finish packing up a few last things the entire kitchen and the last odds and ends.  The movers arrive at 8:00am on Saturday morning!

Britt ripped out the ugly cabinet that was over the fireplace.  It looks SO MUCH BETTER!!

The floor in the dining room was leveled out.

The Painters Arrived.

We had some AMAZING results!!!  The Dining Room Before & After.  

The Family Room Before & After.  It will be more dramatic once we have furniture in there.

Somehow we have no before pictures from the Master Bedroom.  But it was the same yellowish tan that was all over the rest of the house.  Check out the new color!  Soooo Excited.  

(And I'm going off on a total tangent to tell you why.  My room at home in Miami is blue and white.  When we were decorating it (I think I was around 12) I desperately wanted blue walls.  But our entire house had white walls.  You can get away with all white in Florida. Anyway, I got told no way Jose.  I finally have blue walls. =)

Have a great weekend!!!

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