Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Friday: House Update

Two posts in one day!  Can you believe it!?!??!  I'm trying to make for being too quiet the last 10 days or so.  And I'm trying to earn brownie points ahead of time because I have a feeling the next two weeks are going to be sporadic at best between packing, moving and unpacking.  =) Yes I'm a suck up.

We have an official move date.  Next Saturday, the movers are coming!  Eek.  Considering the painters haven't started yet and two rooms don't have floors, this will be a little bit tighter timeline than I would like.  But oh well.

Here are some photos to catch you all up on what has been going on over at our new house!  PS - these are not the world's best photos, but they give you an idea!

New Carpet Installation!

Our Living Room & Dining Room after the carpet has been removed.  The hardwood is going to be finished in these rooms this week.

The Pile of Carpet to be Thrown Out

The Basement: New Carpet

The Basement: With Furniture (thanks to the in-laws) & Our New Treadmill
And yes that is my husband dead on the couch.  He had a big day moving stuff.

In the finished part of the basement, was a room being used as the world's smallest office.  I turned it into my off-season walk in closet.  And by I, I mean, my hubby did all of the work installing it.  Thanks Hubby!

We put off choosing a color for the Master Bedroom until the last minute.  
We are going to eventually get new furniture and a bigger bed (someone named Buoy takes up a shocking amount of room), which means new bedding. 

 Basically at this point we have no idea what color scheme we are going to go with.  But we chose a color.  It's the second in from the right corner.  It is more gray than it looks in the photo.

And because it wouldn't be a photo Friday with a new pics of the bed-hog, here you go!

Running around his backyard.  Or panting post romp.

He got hot and wanted in the big pool.  But it is kind of green right now.  (Don't judge. We've been busy.)  So he got his kiddie pool filled instead.

Surveying his kingdom.  Rabbits beware.

Phew ok.  Hopefully this makes up for my lack of Photo Friday last week!  

Have a great weekend everybody!

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