Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Friday: Glitter

Happy Friday!  Did this week seem to take forever for anyone else?  But hurray it is almost over!  The Olympics,  mainly the gymnastics, have me on a glitter kick.  And while some of those girls have had WAY too much glitter going on, usually I don't think there is such a thing as too much glitter.  Since this week took so long, I decided I need a little bit of a pick me up.  A Glittery Pick Me Up.  A Glittery Wish List if you will. 

This first photo has nothing to do with Glitter, but has everything to do with the Olympics.  Some of you have have already seen this on Instagram, but I can't resist sharing another shot of him.  My Olympic Gold Medal winning puppy!

He won The Gold in wrestling, bit shocker I know.  And he was also the only "little dog" to jump through a hoop.  I just wish they had taken pictures or had a video feed.  Now I want to buy him a hoop to see if he will jump through it for us.  Probably not.

And for the record:  I did not put any glitter on him for winning the gold.  The thought did cross my mind however....

So back to Glitter.....

                                 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Did you know this?  If not, consider yourself educated.

                                 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I think everyone should have one of these in their home, don't you?

                                          Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So cute and sparkly and glittery.

                               Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I need these for Badger games.  And Christmas.  Obviously.

                                      Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Some day I will have an iPhone.  And when I do, you better believe it will have a case like this!

Sorry most of this week's "photos" were from Pinterest.  Lesson of the day?  I need more Glitter in my life and in my home.  That way I don't have to borrow pics from Pinterest.  I can use my own. =)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have that iPhone cover! In pink and gold! :) Love it! They have them on amazon for $15.

  2. Ooooo very fun! LOL I'm trying to hold out for the iPhone 5 before upgrading. It needs to hurry up and get here. And then all of the cute cases need to hurry up and follow!