Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Falling Into Fashion

I have to confess, I have a new love in my life.  And it isn't one the hubs should be jealous of....or maybe he should be.  Since I wake up excited to see her shining face on Instagram and what her blog has in store for the day.  I have a HUGE blog crush on Erin over at Living In Yellow.  If you haven't checked her out yet, you should.  She is kind of a big deal.

So today I am linking up with her Fall into Fashion.  Since we are trying to find the time to pack getting ready to move, all of my Fall stuff is packed away.  I am trying to avoid shopping for a few new items until after we move, because I would much rather carry my shopping bags in from my new garage than through the parking lot, around the corner to our apartment and then up a zillion flight of stairs.  Only to find we have no room.  Plus, if I wait, I don't have to pack it. =)

So instead taking picture of myself modeling my latest purchases, I thought I would show you some of the Pinteresting Inspiration I am starting to eye ball.  Because I am loving the fall looks I am seeing!

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I am loving all of looks because they are easy (and relatively inexpensive) to accomplish.  Most of the basics I already own (cute skinny jeans, tall boots in black & tan, etc.).  So a top here, an accessory there and WHALA!  A new cute outfit for Fall without breaking the bank.

                                 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Must own this.  I mean isn't it obvious?  Legging, skinny jeans. skinny black jeans, skinny black pants for work.  The sky is the limit.

                                Source: Uploaded by user via Katie on Pinterest

Someone else on Pinterest, far more clever than I am, dubbed this Winter Chic.  It is the perfect description.

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Cute and cozy?!?!  Count me in!

                        Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Everyone should have a little bit of polka dot in their life. 

So those are just a few things I am loving for this Fall.  Even though I'm not ready to say goodbye to sunshine, warmth or my tan.  I am ready to say goodbye to 90+ degree days and sweating.  Now if only I could convince Mother Nature that the perfect winter would consist of nothing below 50 degrees, I'd be in good shape.  What are you Fall looks are you Falling in love with?  (Ha ha...get it?)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday: New House!

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I am just a bit excited?  We closed and have the keys in hand!  This is pretty crazy. I have a million and one things and ideas house related running around in my head.  But those are all for many more posts to come.  For now, here is a glimpse at our first 48 hours of home ownership.

 House Keys!  

Our house!

Buoy on our new deck.  This is the closed I could get to him playing in the backyard.  Let's just say, he LOVES has space to run...and run and run and run in.

The hubs and our nieces breaking in the pool.

After all of his running, Buoy finally figured out there was a pool to cool off in.  He was one happy puppy.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!  We will be running a whole lot of new-house related errands and packing up a whole lotta boxes.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo Friday: Glitter

Happy Friday!  Did this week seem to take forever for anyone else?  But hurray it is almost over!  The Olympics,  mainly the gymnastics, have me on a glitter kick.  And while some of those girls have had WAY too much glitter going on, usually I don't think there is such a thing as too much glitter.  Since this week took so long, I decided I need a little bit of a pick me up.  A Glittery Pick Me Up.  A Glittery Wish List if you will. 

This first photo has nothing to do with Glitter, but has everything to do with the Olympics.  Some of you have have already seen this on Instagram, but I can't resist sharing another shot of him.  My Olympic Gold Medal winning puppy!

He won The Gold in wrestling, bit shocker I know.  And he was also the only "little dog" to jump through a hoop.  I just wish they had taken pictures or had a video feed.  Now I want to buy him a hoop to see if he will jump through it for us.  Probably not.

And for the record:  I did not put any glitter on him for winning the gold.  The thought did cross my mind however....

So back to Glitter.....

                                 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Did you know this?  If not, consider yourself educated.

                                 Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I think everyone should have one of these in their home, don't you?

                                          Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So cute and sparkly and glittery.

                               Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I need these for Badger games.  And Christmas.  Obviously.

                                      Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Some day I will have an iPhone.  And when I do, you better believe it will have a case like this!

Sorry most of this week's "photos" were from Pinterest.  Lesson of the day?  I need more Glitter in my life and in my home.  That way I don't have to borrow pics from Pinterest.  I can use my own. =)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Words to Live By

So....summer apparently = inconsistent blogging.  Maybe by next summer I'll have my act together enough to pre-blog before the busy weeks.  Maybe.  It has been a long time since my last Listable Life.  Almost 2 months.  It is past due for another one.  This week, my favorite link up at Moments That Define Life has come up with a good one!  My 5 Favorite Quotes of All Time.

You may or may not know that I LOVE quotes.  There are quote magnets all over our fridge (much to my husband's dismay), somewhere I have a notebook full of random quotes I have written down, I have a Pinterest board called Words to Live By, specifically to pin quotes I like and want to remember.....I think you get the picture.

Now the tough part is narrowing it down to 5....but I will try.  So here are my 5 Favorite Quotes of All Time...or Words to Live By. 

1).  If you haven't figured it out by now, I LOVE Pink.  And I don't think you can ever smile too much.  Therefore, you can never have too much pink.  You can quote me on that. ;-)

                               Source: Uploaded by user via Katie on Pinterest

2).  I have always really enjoyed Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes.  I talked about this one not too long ago.  Coincidentally on another Listable Life post.  It truly is one of my favorite quotes.

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

3).  Hysterical.  I just had to share this.  I know I'm ALWAYS Fine.  How about you?

                                  Source: via Katie on Pinterest

4). Since I really do love Emerson quotes, this is another one of my all time favorites.

                                   Source: via Katie on Pinterest

For the record, both of these Emerson quotes are on our fridge.  The hubby seems to think that when we move into our new house that there will be no refrigerator magnets on the new "adult" fridge.  I beg to differ. =)

5).  When the hubby and I got married, I had the worst time in the world figuring out a second reading for the ceremony.  (We picked one out immediately.  A poem that my father-in-law had written to my mother-in-law many years ago called Two Buddies.  Perfect for them, perfect for us.  They were kind enough to share it.) 

Anyway, (hey I made it through almost the entire post without going off topic) even though I like romance, I didn't want something suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper sappy.  And that is what EVERY READING is related to weddings.  After hours and hours and hours (I'm really not exaggerating) of searching the internet for the perfect reading, my mom found it.  A poem by Wildred Arlan Peterson called "The Art of Marriage."  I loved it.  And it has become one of my favorite quotes.  Even thought it is longer than a quote.  A lot longer.  But it's my blog and I'll cry call this a quote if I want to.

Obviously I was going to make it pink.  Because pink makes me smile. =)  What are some of your favorite quotes...or poems, readings, etc? Since I have clearly expanded on the definition of a quote.