Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Friday - Father's Day

It's Father's Day this weekend.  Unfortunately, my dad lives on the other side of the country from me, so I won't get to celebrate with him this year.  I was a good daughter and on my A-game this year.  (Which doesn't happen every year).  I had his card and gift ready to give to him Memorial Day weekend, when we were together.  So I thought, in honor of Father's Day, I would post a few "photos" about dads and my Dad in particular, who will eventually discover this post because my Mom reads my blog.  And she will tell him to read it.  Thanks Mom!

I am a Daddy's girl (and a Mommy's girl.....what can I say, I have a great relationship with my parents).  Have been since I was "little and cute."

My Dad taught me at a young age that All Men Are Pigs.  He even wrote a song about it and would sing it to me quite often growing up.  Often, it was performed as a duet with one of my "other-fathers."  So Dad.... - Happy Father's Day to someone who knew long before me that all the boys I brought home were jerks.

Eventually, I found a guy who less of a pig and jerk than the rest.  And I do stress eventually.  (Love you hubby).  And my Daddy was there to walk me down the aisle.

And dance with me.

I think all dads are afraid of the day their daughter gets married.  After all, they are (usually) the ones who have to pay for it!  In true daughter fashion, I have always tended to be the more "expensive" child.  What can I say?  I like to shop, among other expensive habits.  A year ago this would have been me: - I'd be honored to buy you a Father's Day meal with the credit card you pay for

But not today!  So Happy Father's Day Dad! Your credit card is starting to collect cobwebs in my wallet.

And since I know my dad is DYING for grand kids (he thinks he is being subtle when he hints. HA!), I thought this was very appropriate: - Dad, I promise to one day give you grandchildren who annoy me as much as I annoyed you. 

Even though we all know I was the perfect child.<wink wink> Right Dad?

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  I love you very much!

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