Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 Things I Do Each Week

This week's Listable Life is all about weekly routine.  We all do so many things each week that they all kind of blur together.  At least for me they do. So what 5 things do I every week?  Well...

1).  Hit Snooze.

Yeah....this one happens almost daily.

2).  Drink copious amount of coffee.

Everything before #2 really is a blur in the mornings, and one that doesn't come into focus until those precious drops of caffeine hit my blood stream and wake me up.

3).  Run errands at lunch.

I really like to get out of the office when I can.  It's nice to get a break and in the summer months, it is really nice to be out in the warmth of the sun for a few minutes.  And I REALLY hate running errands on weekends.  There are just WAY too many people out.  Everything seems to take twice as long.  So every week, I try to run as many errands as I possibly can over my lunch breaks.

I may or may not frequent Target a little too often when I run errands.

4).  Take Buoy for walks.

I would love to say we walk Buoy every single day, but usually it more like a few times a week.  On the other days, we take him to doggie day camp and he runs himself around to the point of exhaustion.  It's great.  But we do walk him several times a week.  Buoy LOVES to go for walks.  And I think even more than going for walks, he loves coming home and getting into his pool.  Especially this time of year, when it is hot out.

5).  Stay Up Too Late Reading.

I've always liked to read.  The last couple of years it has come and gone in waves, depending on whether or not I have had a book to read.  Since the hubs got me a Kindle for Christmas, I stay up way too late reading at least once a week.  Having the ability to download a new book once I have finished reading one is fantastic!  Until it's after midnight and I am still awake.  Whoops.  But I am so glad I am reading a lot again.

What things do you do every week?


  1. I forgot to talk about the coffee and Target...and often together....whoever thought of Starbucks within the Target was a genius!

  2. LOL I know right!!! Two addictions with one stone. It truly is genius.