Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend Road Trips

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of road trip season for us.  Although, truth be told, we spend A LOT of time in the car heading to various weekend destinations year-round.  But most weekend time during the summer, we can be found at the lake.  Packing and unpacking can get very old, very quickly.  Fortunately, I can leave several things up there so I don't have to haul them back and forth.  But what do I do with those items that I have to take with me?  There has to be a method to my madness, otherwise I would go mad!

 So what will a typical weekend of travel look like for me this summer?  Well here you go:

Weekend Road Trips

Did I mention I am an over packer?  Because I am.  A HUGE one.  If there was a 12-Step program, I should probably be in it.  Even with leaving things at the lake, I will still pack way too much stuff. Every Weekend.  But it is how I roll. 

I have my main weekend bag to cart "everything" in. (I use this term loosely because I am never able to fit everything in one bag.)  In addition to the various clothing items & shoes I will pack, there are jewelry options, my flat iron (and case because I always throw it into my bag hot), cosmetics that will go back and forth, a wristlet for the boat and/or errands, dinner, etc. and my boat tote.  Every girl needs a tote that she can easily wipe down.  And if it gets a little wet, oh well.  (For the record, the boat tote does live at the lake, so that helps.)  I also have my zippered pouch that get all of the left overs thrown in.  Phone chargers, a last minute items, etc.  At least they are all in one place!

I usually don't have a problem squeezing "everything" into my main bag.  THEN comes aaaaaall of the extra stuff.  The laptop, the dog stuff, the camera bag, the zillion electronic chords and chargers we end up bringing, the few last things I forgot to pack in my weekend bag that I probably don't really need but am bringing anyway.  And it is really easy to throw it all to one tote and carry it to the car.  The hubs will try to blame all of the over packing on me, and then he will inevitably slip a few extra items in as well.  So I am not entirely to blame.  Just mostly.

Yes, I am aware I need a packing intervention.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Are you really doing it any better?  If you are, please tell me!  I would love to have some packing pointers!


  1. ahhhh I love my fellow lake rats! :) I have that same Thirty One Cosmetic bag and zipper pounch - LOVE them! I need the boat tote!

  2. Isn't it cute???? And Lake Rats are the best! Ugh although I do hate packing. Clearly I am avoiding it right now!