Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thirty One Giveaway & Katelyn James

Nope, I'm not the one hosting the Giveaway.  Not today anyway.  But, I am the one sponsoring it.  And, if you haven't checked out my cousin's blog, you really should!  Yes, I am fortunate enough to be related to none other than Katelyn James!  If you don't know who she is, shame on you!  Just kidding. =)  But seriously if you really don't know who she is, you have to check her out.  She is the world's most AMAZING wedding photographer!  And I'm not just saying that because she shot our wedding photos and our day after session when I water skied in my wedding dress (yup, you heard me) or because we are related.  I'm not biased at all.  =)

                              Source: via Katie on Pinterest

                            Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Katelyn is actually my hubby's cousin, so she is a "new" cousin of mine.  I am one of those weird people who not only knows their second-cousins-once-removed, and third cousins, I love them all!  And we are GREAT friends!  I don't see them enough (which sucks), so thank goodness for technology.  Getting to marry my husband was cool, but getting to be related to a star in the blogging and photography community, even better.  (hmmm maybe I can sell autographs??)

If you haven't seen Katelyn's amazing wedding photos all over Pinterest yet, you may have seen her office or other home remodels.


                              Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Look familiar?  Maybe I just notice it because I see it everywhere.  Ok, so anyway, back to THE POINT now that I have made a HUGE digression. Katelyn is hosting a Thirty One bag Giveaway on her blog!

So go check it out!  Especially if you are in need of a Mother's Day present.  Or maybe you want to do a little shopping of your own.

Are you interested in doing a Thirty One Giveaway on your blog?  Let me know!  I love doing them!

PS - I apologize, today's post was a shameless plug.  Not only for myself and my Thirty One business, but also for Katelyn.  But for family, why not!  And be love Katelyn. (And I pinky promise not to do this too often.)


  1. This is beyond cool. I love to waterski and may be stealing this idea when I get married :-).

  2. Ok I'm in love with her pictures! Where is she based out of? I'm still looking for a wedding photographer!

  3. @Simply Kelly - Go for it! We are both competitive water skiers. We started talking about skiing in our wedding attire long before we got engaged. It was more fun than getting married!

    @The Pink Growl - She is based out of VA and I know she travels around the East Coast. Check her out, you won't be sorry!!!!