Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Feel Pretty: Summer Dress for Work

I cannot pick out my clothing the night before to save my life.  I (sometimes) try really hard to, and every once in a blue moon I succeed.  But most mornings I stand in the closet (pre-coffee) just staring at my clothes, willing the perfect outfit to jump out at me.  It rarely does.  But yesterday morning, I had a fashion epiphany!  I loved the first thing I put on (which never happens), no pre-planning involved, and easily picked out the perfect shoes and jewelry to go with it.  And I felt great!  I loved how I looked and I didn't even mind that I hadn't had a drop of caffeine yet.  (that only lasted about a nano-second before my body screamed GIVE ME CAFFEINE!)

I was so proud of myself, that I had to share my accomplishment with you.

Cute Summer Dress For Work

Old Navy charmeuse dress, $30
Ballet flat shoes, $24  (The shoes are of a neutral taupe than gold in person)
Fossil jewelry,
Tiffany Co Bracelet: A gift from my aunt and uncle on my 21st birthday.  I wear it ALL the time.
clear earriings, $15 (they were on clearance in-store for much less)
Steven By Steve Madden handbags - I found this bag at Marshall's

One trick I have learned about Old Navy dresses: buying them in Tall often makes the length of the dress "work appropriate".  At least on me. I'm 5'6 and if the dress has a shorter hemline, the Tall version usually hits me just above the knee.

If you are thinking this outfit lacks a little bit of color, I had just gotten my nails done the night before.  Something that really ups the I Feel Pretty factor.  It gives the outfit the pop it needs.

OPI nail polish

So there you have it.  My morning of genius.  It probably won't happen again for a long time!  I certainly hope that I am not alone in the mornings!  Has anyone else recently gotten out of the their boring outfit rut?

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