Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Jobs I've Done

Nicole, over at Moment That Define Life, has another list for us this week.  This week's list is about 5 jobs that I've done.

1).  Working for Grandma

One of the earliest memories I have of getting paid for a chore (a job) was at my grandparents house.  Their driveway and patio was all pavers.  My grandmother paid my brother and I a dime for every weed we pulled out from between pavers.  Let me tell you, when you are....like 6....those dimes add up quickly.  And boy do you feel rich after making $4 or $5 of weeds being pulled.  And now that I understand babysitting kids a little bit better, it sure would keep them amused for a good long while.

2).  Law office b*tch

I spent several summers working at my dad's law firm doing a lot of grunt work.  I know, someone has to do it.  And let me tell you, it taught me a great lesson about how I did not want to spend my life.  Filing <shudder>.  And filing some more.  I was really really bored.  Really.  But, it meant I was able to go on summer vacation with my family without worrying about taking time off.  And things could have been a lot worse than an office job.

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 3).  Insurance Claims Taker

For about a year and half in college, I worked at an after hours call center.  Taking auto insurance claims in Spanish and English.  It was for a shady West Coast based company.  It must have been some really bad insurance.  But, for a college student, it paid well.  And a lot of night the phones were dead quiet, which meant I got to do school work.  The other people who took other random after-hours calls, weeeeeiiiiiird.  Very very weird.  Nice enough.  Entertaining.  But weird.  One guy legally had his name changed to Bark-Me Wolf.  No I am not making this up.  And Bark-Me, if you are reading this,  I apologize.  But you do have to admit, meeting you does make a great story.

4).  Banker

My first "real" job out of undergrad.  A banker.  Why I thought that was a good idea?  As my dad still likes to say, I couldn't even balance my own check book.  Yet they hired me to help other people with their money........ (I actually was pretty good at it.  Who knew!)

someecards.com - I might be more impressed with your job in the financial services industry if I had the foggiest idea of what you actually do

5).  Marketing and Fundraising.

Ahhhhh I found my calling.  And boy does it feel good.

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  1. This is great! Found you from Moments that Define Life! :) New follower :)


  2. Yay! Thanks for much for following! I'll be sure to check you out as well! Always love finding new blogs to follow!

  3. I was my grandfathers "cleaning lady" for a long time -he paid me $10 an hour which was big deal back in the 90's I always made sure it took me a solid two hours even though he was not that messy AND I worked in a bank for my last year of high school and first two years of college. We have a similar job history!

    Thanks for linking up!