Monday, April 30, 2012

IKEA Family maybe I am way behind on things.  It's been known to happen.  But have you heard about IKEA Family???  If you have, you may be bored.  Feel free to skip this post.  But I JUST found out about it.  And had to share!

IKEA and I had a love/hate relationship for a long time.  My first post-college bedroom furniture came from there.  And boy did I think I was cool!  First of all, I lived near an IKEA (near being with in 30-45 mins depending on traffic). That alone was cool, since everyone was shopping there.  And I was so excited to have "grown up" furniture.  Ready to see what my choice was?  Feel free to laugh.

Source: IKEA

And all of the matching pieces that went along with it.  A second, tall dresser, night stand.  Oh yeah.  Aren't you just loving that birch finish?  In my defense, (and it is a weak one) I was 22.  And dark furniture was the devil.  I'm sure someone out there has this set from IKEA and I'm sure it looks fantastic in your space.  Let's just say, I am not that gifted of an interior decorator.  But it worked.  It served it's purpose for several years.

The hate part of the IKEA relationship?  Besides the birch finish?  I didn't "get" that I had to put it together.  I thought "adult" furniture meant it came already assembled.  WRONG!  Obviously, once I got to the store, I figured this out.  And at 22, I wasn't exactly willing to shell out the dollars to have IKEA put the pieces together.  After living out of suitcases and boxes for a few months, I wanted my furniture and I wanted it now.  Hence, the other hate part of the relationship.  I was a girl shopping alone and had to figure out a way to move the heavy boxes from the car, up several flights of stairs and into my apartment.  Some perspective?  I was/am pretty strong.  But I am also aware that I am a girl and my strength has limitations.  I think I was able to move the night stand on my own.  Thank goodness for male friends willing to work for pizza an beer.

Eventually, the furniture did get carried up all of the stairs and put together.  But that whole experience left a sour taste in my mouth.  Not to mention, the furniture quality was not what I was expecting for my "grown up" furniture.

IKEA and I have come full circle though.  We are back to loving each other.  The birch furniture got sold on Craigs List a few years ago and I finally got my "grown up" furniture.  For real this time.  I love my bedroom furniture (although it's not from IKEA).  One of the main reasons I love IKEA again: my husband.  I can now go shopping with the muscles.  He can carry the furniture boxes and then put them together.  I am management.  =)

I have also learned a valuable lesson about picking out pieces from IKEA.  There are A TON of great pieces, that don't look cheap and aren't super flimsy.  That are more "adult" and that I will love for the next 5-10 years.  Here are several of my favorites that we currently own:

This is currently being used in my office/loft.  We have it flipped on its side and it holds lots of storage bins, full of stuff.  Source: IKEA

This is a glass table top.  It's Vika Glasholm, but a discontinued IKEA design.  It was suppose to hang over our bed, but it is way too heavy and we had a hard time finding heavy duty enough mirror clips.  So it is currently sitting, waiting for our next home to be put to good use as a desk with some table legs.  Because I love it.

 This was a house warming present from one of my now-sister-in-laws.  Wine storage is a must in our house.Source: IKEA

So, that bring me back to the reason for this post.  IKEA Family.  If you don't know about it, you should.  And you should sign up.  First of all, it's FREE!  Which is almost the best part.  Second of all, the DISCOUNTS.  The discounts are the best part!  Even if you shop IKEA as infrequently as we do, it is totally worth signing up.  Who doesn't want to save money on furniture?!  I signed us up immediately.  Hopefully, in the next 6 months or so, we will have a new home (please house hunting gods smile down on us) and maybe (fingers crossed), just maybe we might have a little bit of money left over to do an IKEA run and make some purchases.

And that is when IKEA Family is going to come in handy!  So, if you knew about IKEA family and are still reading this, thanks for being patient.  And if you didn't know about IKEA family, hopefully you are as excited as I am about the possibility of saving money on future shopping trips!  And hopefully you have already clicked on the link to sign up!

Has anyone else had a love/hate relationship with IKEA?  What are your favorite IKEA purchases?

PS - IKEA hasn't given me anything to write about their Family.  I just got really excited when I found out about it and had to share!  I'm not opposed to being given additional discounts, items to review or giveaways however.  =)