Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Friday - Wedding Decorations

On Wednesday, I gave a peek at one of our wedding photos.  If you were really intrigued, hopefully you went to Katelyn Jame's blog and voted for us!  If you didn't, what are you waiting for?  Her annual Love Shots Contest is in full swing and there is a photo canvas on the line people!  And we don't have a single wedding photo printed or hung anywhere in our townhouse yet.  Yes, we have been married for almost 9 months.  All of our family members have photo books and framed pictures, and we have nothing.  (Clearly you can see where my priorities were around Christmas time.) SO I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO WIN THAT CANVAS!  Pardon me.  I can be a little competitive sometimes...... (oh and in case you haven't realized it yet, Katelyn James was our amazing wedding photographer!  We love her like family...oh that's right.  She is!!)

Anyway.......this Photo Friday, I thought I would share with you some of our fabulous wedding photos.  Because it has been a long week and our wedding decorations and theme still make me giddy, I am going to start with those.  Doesn't pink and black and white damask make everyone happy?  Remind me at some point to tell you the story of cutting our wedding cake.  It deserves its own post.

So Happy Friday!  And Happy Weekend!  Hopefully these pink and black and white damask photos help start your weekend off right!  Enjoy!  (And yes I really love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!)

PS- If you want to peak ahead to future wedding photos, you can check out my Pinterest Board The Best Day of My Life

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