Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Things I Would Do If Money Was No Object

If you don't know by now, I love lists.  They give me a sense of control and MAN does it feel good to be able to cross things off.  Through my world of blogging friends, I've come across Moments That Define Life.  On Tuesdays, she hosts Listable Life.  Now doesn't that sound right up my alley!  Britt and I often day dream about what we do if we won the lottery.  Isn't that everyone's favorite road trip game?  5 things I would do if money was no object?  Let the dreaming begin!

1).  Buy a new car.  The one I have is fine, and it is currently running, but it has been having problems.  I would say goodbye old Jeep.  Hello new Jeep!  (I could dream bigger, but I really am a Jeep girl at heart).

2).  Quit my job.  I would definitely need to find things to fill my day, and that may mean eventually going back to work, but under my own terms.  And because I want to, not have to.  But it would be fun to be a lady of leisure for awhile!


3).  Move back to Madison and buy a house on Lake Monona.  I really miss being near all of my friends in Madison.  So if money really were no object, I would want to live back there.  On the lake, near all of them.  At least most of the year.  


4).  Which brings me to my next point, Travel.  As much as I love the Midwest, and Wisconsin and Madison in particular, I've got money to spend!  And I am not a fan of winter.  So I would be leaving quite a bit to travel to warm places.  And places with mountains to get some decent snow skiing in.

5).  Buy a ski boat.  Since we are now living on a lake, we have to have a ski boat!  It makes sense.

Now that I've listed those 5 things, I'm feeling a little bit selfish.  Because of course we would be helping family, saving a lot of it for future kids, college funds, etc.  But day dreaming about all of the different things I could do if money were no object sure if fun!  What 5 things would you do?

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